The Revolution

Guests (10/7/12)

For the many that missed most of our last session here is what happened. Apparently,(because I’m not quite sure) we traveled to a gang hideout to try and gain the assistance of their leaders. After a long time of confusion and Bilby’s shenanigans we finally got everyone (except Morace) to understand the situation and we were given the job of killing a leader in a separate gang (because, apparently, we hate them more than the guys we’re working for) and of course we’re getting payed to do it. They gave us some gear, useful and otherwise, an example being a really sharp dagger, for Bilby, and a monk’s belt, for Morace (I dont think anyone who wasn’t there got anything). By the end of that interaction there was only david and I. Because we aren’t the most intelligent of players we decided to instead of taking the airship we would WALK to our next location so we’ll have fun with that next time. I named this guest because we were guests and there were two guest players who sounded the same, they were the gang leaders.



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