The Revolution

The Enterance

Ben, Caden, and Maceo enter the world.

The Maze has been escaped. Region 5 is in the distance. Enter the mountains.
Maceo (Nylock the gnoll) and Ben (Richard Horny the minotaur) began in the labyrinthine complex that stretches across and below region 5 of the lost isle. The had been trapped there for a long time, to feed off of those unfortunate enough to stumble through the portal from earth.

Caden (Morace Thell the human) was on his way home from a regular martial arts lesson, when he decided to enter an abandoned automobile factory that had intrigued him for a long time. He moved a machine out of the way to find a door with strange markings. He entered the world, and was immediately confronted by two strange beasts, squabbling over who would eat him.

Nylock and Mr. Horny, after arguing and fighting for a good long while, decided that Morace could be an asset for their escape. They all went to the spiral staircase, and after killing several guards, escaped into region 4, near the Boatless bay.


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The Enterance

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