The Revolution

The Mountain of the Undead

After a long walk that seem to be getting them no where they stumbled upon a group of undead civilians from an unknown location. When they entered the battle, however, they had difficulty defeating them until a new ally showed up, Iskner the Dragoon, he came to help make sure the undead did not get into the city nearby. After the fight we discovered the undead were coming from another city in one of the nearby mountains. Heading there with our new friend Iskner we went into the mountain and after some tricky maneuvers and meeting John’s character(which I don’t know the name of but I’ll put it here when I do) we got to a room with a chest. We looted some cool items before hearing a sound. We ran away and somehow ended up in a healing lake. That night we rested at a train station. Morace could barely sleep and when he did he had nightmares of monsters and the undead other than that everyone had a pretty good sleep. Of course there was still a lot more in store for them in the future.


I enjoyed writing this so tell me if there is something wrong

The Mountain of the Undead

Added a missing close-paren.

The Mountain of the Undead

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